The Museum


Maddalena graduated from Queen Mary University in London with a degree in Foreign Languages and Literatures, and then went on to specialise in culture by completing a Masters in Cultural and Creative Industries at Kings College in London. After her studies she moved to the United States where she lived for five years working in sales and marketing for a sustainable consumer products company. In 2008 she moved to Lugano to follow her family. In these years she has always been involved in cultural projects related to the enhancement of the territory and in an intense activity of development of relations with foreign countries. In 2012, she played an active role in founding the Swiss chapter of FAI - Fondo Ambiente Italiano, promoting its membership and organising events aimed at rediscovering the artistic and scenic heritage of Ticino and Lombardy. From 2014 to 2019 she collaborated with the Human Rights Film Festival of Lugano, for which she created and developed the fundraising project Amici FFDUL and cultivated relationships with sponsors. She joined the MUSEC team in 2020 and holds the position of marketing manager. The MUSEC work that she prefers for its extraordinary method of realization composed of intertwined leaves and twigs, is the large sculpture of Oceania in tree fern called nenna.