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20 May 2006 - 04 June 2006, Heleneum - Lugano

My Friend the Ancestor

The exhibition entitled Il mio amico antenato (My friend the Ancestor) inaugurated the Dèibambini cycle. The main actors in this project were children in their third year of primary school (namely the elementary school of Giubiasco-Stazione). They were guided by their school teacher Igor Nastic on a journey of creativity. Thanks to the museum artworks, they explored distant worlds and cultures. This pedagogical experience led to the creation of 18 tempera paintings. During this process, they were inspired by the museum pieces and expressed their own creativity in their own artwork. The educational project and the exhibition were developed and supervised by a team of MCL researchers: Isabella Lenzo, Marta Cometti and Veronica Tanzi. The exhibition catalogue pictures each artwork with the children's personal comments. Francesco Paolo Campione (MCL director) and Igor Nastic have included two essays which present the significance of this pedagogical experience from an anthropological point of view and about the dynamics of educational processes.

Il mio amico antenato

a cura di
Francesco Paolo Campione & Igor Nastic
Edizioni MCL / Città di Lugano, Lugano 2006,
64 pp.
Dèibambini 1