The Museum


The Museum of Cultures is:

  • an institution of medium size, focused on unique and original cultural projects;
  • strongly linked to the territory of Ticino, as a strategic element of the cosmopolitan and multicultural vision of the City of Lugano, while maintaining a strong international vocation;
  • well integrated into the network of swiss , european and international musuems;
  • an important popularizer of the ethnic and contemporary art from Asia, Africa, Oceania and the Americas;
  • a well-established institution and a reference in cultural diplomacy relations;
  • innovative, organized, productive, focused on self financing;
  • a unique and inestimable cultural center with a permanent exhibition, a wide range of temporary exhibitions, active in the acquisition of new collections and artworks.

The Museum of Cultures in keeping in its sourroundings

The Museum of Cultures is an integral part of the cultural offer of the City of Lugano and a popularizer of art.

The Museum of Cultures and the public

The Museum of Cultures is a diversity space ready to hold meetings and events, and involves the public thanks to continuous and dynamic activities.


  • enhancement of the mansion's employement (Villa Heleneum) through the greater knowledge  of the museum spaces;
  • creating a space open to productive partnerships with local companies and the development of creative enterprises that promote youth talent;
  • creating synergies with tour operators, caterings and careters.