The Museum


Museum Mission Statement

The Museo delle Culture (MUSEC):

  • acts in the interest of the region;
  • ensures the conservation, management,  valorisation and increment of its permanent collection of artworks and objects of material culture of the indegenous peoples and historical civilisations of America, Africa, Asia and Oceania, as well as all other material evidence which may constitute elements for an anthropological analysis of creativity and art, regardless of the cultural background.
  •  To this end, the MUSEC also ensures the conservation, management, valorisation and increment of the museum library and of its iconographic, photographic and audiovisual archives;
  • as an international cultural institution, the MUSEC organises and conducts theoretical studies and field research on the significance, values and issues related to the architectural, artistic and traditional heritage of non-Western cultures. These activities contribute to the recovery and use of traditional knowledge, which will also be used to create a modern socio-economic development that respects local communities and is based on transcultural dialogue. Furthermore, the MUSEC promotes, organises and conducts studies on the relations between Western and non-Western cultures and on the interaction between the different social classes which were (and still are) present within all cultures;
  • promotes a multidisciplinary scientific dialogue between all qualified persons and institutions on relevant topics related to Cultural Anthropology, Anthropology of Art and Architecture, Ethnic Arts, Eastern Arts and Primitivism. A particular emphasis is placed on issues related to the creation, significance, value and dynamics behind the fruition of works of art and craft, in the broadest sense of the two terms;  
  • In this respect, the MUSEC also hosts ongoing higher education activities, and regularly collaborates with institutions of high scientific, academic, educational and curatorial relevance, in order to build networks, groups and consortia equipped to propose current activities and projects of national and international interest;
  • encourages, promotes and implements an overall disclosure of the issues related to its activities; continuously organises cultural mediation activities and has a strong interest in involving students from all grades and schools in the area;
  • operates in accordance with international organisational and operational standards, involving quality control and quality management certification;
  • observes the ICOM (International Council of Museums) Code of Ethics for Museums

Further information about the Museum mission can be found in the following documents (Italian version only).