The Museum


Adriana ha a degree in Ethical and Political Philosophy and Communication Sciences from the University of Fribourg (CH), she is in charge of the Higher Education, Development and Communication Sector.
She has had a fruitful career in French-speaking Switzerland, particularly in the field of coordination, production and promotion of the performing arts and cinema. She has worked with various national and international organisations, all of which have in common their focus on the interaction between different artistic languages, including the visual arts.
She came to the Museum on her return to Ticino, and Adriana is entrusted with the task of accompanying training and research projects, born of collaboration with academic institutions. The aim is to encourage the pooling of skills and networks, in a logic of growth and territorial integration. Transformed into a 'talent hunter', Adriana is always on the lookout for students, young researchers and civil servants to integrate into the Museum's activities; she also organises seminars to support the staff's exhibition and research activities.
Her impeccable welcome, both professional and warm, is appreciated by the varied public of experts and enthusiasts who come from all over the world for the seminars and other activities offered by MUSEC.
Among her favourite works in the MUSEC collections are the large carved poles of men's houses from faraway Melanesia, which particularly impressed her during her first visit to the MUSEC permanent exhibition.