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Arte etnica ed estetica

The Serge Brignoni Collection forms the foundation of the Museo delle Culture.  The genres and geographical origins of the Brignoni collection items are mostly the same as those found in leading European, North American and Australian collections from the first half of the twentieth century. Furthermore, the collection includes almost all of the "items" which were considered as essential by collectors of that time. The majority of works come from the Far East, India, Southeast Asia, Indonesia and Oceania. The works are the result of an attentive selection favouring the finest workmanship. Generally Brignoni prefers sculptures to other art forms. It's interesting to note his peculiar inclination towards wooden sculptures, characterised by clearly expressionist contents, imaginative patterns and rich decorations. Our researchers conducted a careful study of the Brignoni collection, which resulted in the publication of two scientific catalogues, available in both Italian and English.

The ethnic artworks belonging to the Brignoni Collection have been exhibited on many occasions in different Museums or cultural centres, such as the Quai Branly in Paris or the Rietberg in Zurich. A few examples of said collaborations are illustrated below in the photogalelry. 

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La Collezione Brignoni. Arte per metamorfosi. Vol. 1

a cura di
Francesco Paolo Campione
Edizioni Mazzotta, Milano 2007, 256 pp. con 170 a colori
Chf 90.-
ISBN 978-88-202-1843-0

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