The Ceschin Pilone - Fagioli Collection


History of the collection

The Ceschin Pilone - Fagioli Collection gathers 5.185 photographies which were shot in Japan between 1860s and 1910s, on albumen printing, and later hand colored. By the 1880s, it had become a common practice and a defining characteristic of Japanese tourist photography.

Most of the photographs are contained in 91 albums which have been richly decorated by masters in the Japanese art of lacquer.

The collection is among the richest collections of Japanese photograpy on albumen printing exisitng in the world, and certainly one of the largest outside Japan. It is the result of a  patient and refined quest achieved by the professor Marco Fagioli since 1973.

In 2012 the Collection has been acquired by the Fondazione «Ada Ceschin e Rosanna Pilone» of Zurich, which has decided to entrust it, free of charge and for an unlimited amount of time, to the Museum of Cultures. 

The Collection is the object of an important and longstanding research, whose outcomes have been published in a series of publications and presented in a variety of temporary exhibitions in Switzerland and abroad.  

See some of the exhibitions here:

Ineffabile Perfezione

Geishe e Samurai. Esotismo e Fotografia nel Giappone dell' 800

Pigen og Parasollen 

Giappone Segreto 

Foto gallery

La Scuola di Yokohama. La Fotografia nel Giappone dell' Ottocento

a cura di Francesco Paolo Campione
Edizioni Gamm Giunti, 2015
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