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Also in the exhibition spaces of Villa Malpensata, the Museum of Cultures aims to maintain and further enhance the Serge Brignoni vision, who intended to create a critical and dynamic interaction between art and anthropology.

Through three major research fields, namely creativity, aesthetic conception and the final result of the ethnic art advocate, the Museum will offer an overview of the shared values ​​between art and anthropology, thus allowing to spread the vision that culture has of art. This process will be combined with the implementation of a direct avant-guard curating project, characterized by a systematic comparison of seminars already in the early stages of anthropological research. The center of the exhibition of the Museum of Cultures will remain its permanent collection, but will no longer be performed in its entirety, but organized around several core themes and proposed to the public in a cyclical way, in order to offer the opportunity to the visitor to experience a continuous and meanwhile varied deepening. The permanent exhibition will be accompanied by the usual cycles proposed by the Museum of Cultures: Altrarti, OrientArt and Esovisioni. The exhibition offer will be enriched by the presence of two new cycles: Minima Mirabilia and Primitivismi.

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The activities of research constitute one of the main expressions of the institutional identity, besides the irrepleacable driving force of the development of the Museum.
The main themes developed throughout the researchs on the field and the history-cultural studies are connected with the core theme treated by the researchers of the Musuem: the antrophology of art and the relationship between ethnic and western art.