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22 March 2013 - 05 May 2013, Palazzo Loredan, Venice

The last Venice. Gotthard Schuh. Photography. 1963

Two exhibitions in Venice allows to explore the consonances between the two reportages and to discover an elegant photojournalism and catch the eye from the great swiss photographer Gotthard Schuh (1897-1969). Walking through the Ponte dell’Accademia we arrive at the two reportages: Venice on one side at Palazzo Loredan, and Bali in the other one, at Palazzo Trevisan degli Ulivi.

Foto gallery

The Exhibition

The temporary exhibition «The Last Venice», held at Palazzo Loredan in Campo Santo Stefano, in the seat of the Istituto Veneto di Scienze, Lettere e Arti (ISLAV), presents for the first time to the public 60 original vintage photos of the Venetian reportage made by Gotthard Schuh in 1963. With the lens of his Leica he showed not only the myth of Venice but also a city charged of its historical charme. A reportage that refers to the nordic tradition of the «Travel in Italy» and which turn the tide to the concept of exoticism. Schuh finds a delicate harmony between a sensible interior vision, that has passed through the XX c. big transformations, and a hidden city that he felt strongly and he gives us beyond stereotypes. The exhibition's catalogue, edited by Paola Costantini, includes essays by Nanni Baltzer, Francesco Paolo Campione, Paola Costantini, Antonio Mariotti and Alberto Prandi.

Gottard Schuh


L'ultima Venezia. Gotthard Schuh. Fotografie 1963

edited by Paola Costantini
Giunti, Firenze 2013, 174 pp.
Esovisioni 8
Chf 46.-
ISBN 978-88-09-78474-1