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25 September 2008 - 02 November 2008, Castello di Sasso Corbaro - Bellinzona

Tre anni con Serge e gli amici antenati

This exhibition curated by Igor Nastic, who is an elementary school teacher and a collaborator of the Museo delle Culture, displays the results of a three-year pedagogical and artistic project. Some of the exhibits are works of art made by Nastic’s students who go to the Scuola elementare di Giubiasco. The others are either artworks by the artist Serge Brignoni or items from his collection of ethnic art at the Museo delle Culture.

The three masterpieces

For this occasion, The MCL has in fact lent three masterpieces originating from Oceania and Africa, which are normally displayed in the rooms of the Heleneum. 

The first exhibit is a kpelie mask from the Ivory Coast, which is part of a elaborate costume worn during initiation dances of the exclusively male Poro society. The mask is also used for social control, religious education and providing knowledge of forest spirits. In addition, the kpelie is used during funeral rites and in harvest and thanksgiving celebrations. 
The second item is a teket, a large ritual stool which embodies spirits or the ancestors of the clan. The third item is a pal, a sculpture representing a hornbill, which is a very important animal in the Abelam culture. These sculptures can usually be found hanging from the bottom of the frieze on the façade of a ceremonial house, which is used for worship rituals or social events. Both of these artworks originate from Papua New Guinea.

The exhibition is presented by the city of Bellinzona and Bellinzona Turismo, in collaboration with the Museo delle Culture in Lugano and the Serge & Graziela Brignoni-Aranis-Stiftung in Bern, with the support of the Fondazione Dr. Hans Dietler-Kottmann in Lugano.


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Tre anni con Serge e gli amici antenati.

edited by Igor Nastic
Arti Grafiche Salvioni, Bellinzona 2008, 84 pp. with 92 colours' illustrations
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