The Museum


He has been teaching Cultural Anthropology at the University of Insubria (Como, Italy, since 2001) and director of MUSEC since 2005. For almost thirty years he has been working on anthropology of art, museology and the management of organisations operating in the cultural field, alternating research activities with academic teaching, the management of cultural institutes and museums and consultancy at European level for institutions and local authorities. He has carried out field research in New Guinea, Bali and Laos. To date, he has curated some 100 permanent and temporary art exhibitions in several countries and has to his credit dozens of books and art catalogues, as well as hundreds of scholarly articles in journals and collections. His favourite work, preserved and enhanced by MUSEC, is the small yipwon, a true "portable sculpture", an expression of a refined plastic reflection and an aesthetic that integrally involves the life of a society in spite of the judgement of "ultra-primitive" that almost up to the present day has burdened the peoples of Sepik (Papua New Guinea).