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She has a degree in architecture from Milan Polytechnic, a diploma in Indian language and culture from Isiao and a master's degree in anthropology from Bicocca University. She is also a certified yoga teacher.
She has been collaborating with MUSEC since 2005, when the management called her to study some Indian ceremonial chariot parts from the Brignoni Collection. From that moment on, Giulia began a long and enriching research in the field.
Her biggest hobby is undoubtedly her dog Dorotea, with whom she shares a passion for trekking and research in general, each in their own way. She loves going to museums and has a real perversion for cookbooks, spices and tea. She often travels through India -and beyond- with cup, teapot and leaves in her backpack. Her favourite work in the MUSEC Collections is the beautiful sculpture of the Ganga, goddess of the river, flowing between worlds and connecting them.