The Archive of the Museum

The archive stores HD digital images of all of the museum exhibits, as well as a small audiovisual archive which will be incremented in the following years.  

The photographic archive collects pictures of our collection items, the museum's history and of Serge Brignoni. It can be consulted by appointment and upon formal request to the museum director. The reproduction of archive pictures is only permitted with a fixed fee for each individual publication.

The fees are:

CHF 60.- per image of an artwork. 

CHF 50.- for any other image from the Photographic Archive. 

The museum will only send the ordered images upon receipt of payment. The copyright notice must be clearly pinpointed as “©[current year] City of Lugano, Museo delle Culture". 

The archivist and the museum’s scientific staff offers a personalised research service which costs CHF 50.- per hour.