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The 'Dèibambini' project - a neologism referring to the value of a free and autonomous appropriation of the spaces of the imagination - was launched in the autumn of 2005 as a platform for interaction between the museum and the school. In its first ten years of existence, the project allowed around ninety children per year, appropriately guided, to try their hand at different themes, with the aim of increasing their awareness of their own potential and inner vision, and ultimately strengthening their ability to interpret the world.
The works created by the children were exhibited every year at the Heleneum, the first location of the MUSEC, accompanied by a proper art catalogue.
The relocation of MUSEC to Villa Malpensata stimulated a critical rethinking of the project's modalities. Thus, since 2022, the starting point has become the works of children from the past. The idea is to build a bridge between the children's creativity of yesterday and today, through the in-depth exploration of the expressive contents that not only interconnect cultures, but have served as an extraordinary source for the renewal of 20th century artistic languages. A solid bridge, full of poetry, to connect the generations.