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27 April 2012 - 01 July 2012, Heleneum - Lugano

Alberi. Opere di Silvia Paradela

The year of 2012 is dedicated to a series of anthropological, artistic and historical reflections on the TREE. After the inauguration of the‘Dèibambini’ exhibition, it is now time for a small but significant exhibition dedicated to Silvia Paradela's graphic work. For many years Silvia has been an inherent part of the expressive and pedagogical Dèibambini project, which has involved more than 500 children. Silvia Paradela’s art stems from her profound personal reflection; a sort of long-lasting ideological and aesthetic concentration which was nurtured through important readings and various experiences. The theme of the tree and its many-sided nature has often been one of the forms that delicately expresses and articulates an artist’s intimate feelings. The exhibition displayed twenty-one embossings (relief printing on paper) which Silvia created during 2011. Her artworks are published with other nine graphic works in the limited edition artist-book, which is the second volume in the ‘Artàbasi’ series and is on sale in the museum's bookshop. 

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Silvia Paradela (born 1956) studied at the Escuela de Bellas Artes Manuel Belgrano and in 1984 she graduated with a diploma in painting from the Instituto Universitario Nacional del Arte (ex-Academy of Fine Arts ‘Prilidiano Pueyrredòn’) in Buenos Aires. She lived in Argentina until 1991 where she taught artistic pedagogy in primary and secondary schools. She also participated in the ‘Grupo Patagonia’which was active in the artistic environment, and had her first personal drawing and painting exhibitions. She moved to Europe in 1991 and finally stayed in Switzerland, where she started a series of artistic activities for children. She has been responsible for the creative workshop of the MCL ‘Dèibambini’ project since 2007, continuously creating pedagogical activities and drafting specific publications. She also participates in the activities promoted by the ‘Museo Cantonale d’Arte’ and by the ‘Museo Cantonale di Storia Naturale’. She is a member of ‘Visarte’ and has displayed her artworks in both individual and collective exhibitions in Argentina, Italy, Switzerland and Uruguay. 

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Silvia Paradela
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