The museum is a place full of charm, a space that encourages questions and thoughts

The Museum of Cultures is a multidisciplinary structure that is able tp meet the demands not only of the academic audience, but also of those visitors eager to learn about art movements far away from the Occidental one. Hosting a rich permanent collection, constantly in expansion, and different funds, it is also home to a well equipped Library open to the public and an iconographic, photographic, film and sound fully digitized Archive.

The research and development activities constitute the engine of the museum and act as an organic interconnection tool of the general system. The research activities are devoted to art anthropology subjects and are made on the field, as well as through the historical and critical studies, with a particular interest in defining multidisciplinary operating models. A second area of ​​research is related to museology, museography and disciplines related to conservation and restoration.

The research is supported by the presence of a well equipped library and an archive, specializing in particular on cultural issues of Anthropology, Anthropology of art and architecture, ethnic arts, the Primitivism of Museology . The search results purchase form in the halls of the museum and give each user a cultural show and at the same time artistic.

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